We went on a three day skiff/kayak mothership trip on the
Qualifier 105. The idea is that the "Q" takes fisherfolk and their
kayaks out to far off places and puts them out to sea to fish.
They also take a few skiffs for folks who don't want to paddle.

The kayaks are carried on racks on the stern over the bait
tanks. On this trip we went out to San Clemente island.

Tylene didn't fish but had a great time paddling in water that we
never could have reached on our own.

I did fish and had a great time catching nice calico bass.

The wildlife we saw was amazing. Sea lions and sea birds
and the water was so clear that we could see huge
schools of fish swimming under our little boats.

Dale became a hero to all of us when his nice halibut slipped
off his kayak. Like the finest of fishermen would, he dove
off his boat and retrieved it for dinner.

The morning of our last day was foggy and eerie. It was hard to
tell where the sea stopped and the sky started.

An interesting aspect of this trip was that the "Q" served as a
hotel for folks on private boats. They fished on their own boats
in the daytime and came aboard in the evening to eat and sleep.
One of the private boats is here with the Qualifier 105
in the distance.

We had a great time. The Qualifier 105 is an awesome boat
and the captain and crew are the best.

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